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ULTRADRY™ | Absorbent Drip Mat

ULTRADRY™ | Absorbent Drip Mat

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Make Short Shrift of Wet Kitchen Misery!

Meet the UltraDry Absorbent Drip Mat, your new kitchen partner for a tidy and hygienic cooking environment. Say goodbye to wet countertops and awkward moments. This mat not only offers a stylish addition to your kitchen, but with its absorbent power, it also keeps your workspace clean and tidy.

Reasons why the UltraDry Absorbent Drip Mat will change your life:

✔️ KEEP YOUR KITCHEN TIDY AND NEAT : Thanks to the absorbency of the Ultradry Absorbent Drip Mat, your countertop stays free of significant water drops and spills, keeping it clean and tidy.

✔️ PROTECTION AGAINST MOLD AND BACTERIA : By effectively allowing water to drain away, this mat prevents the formation of mold and the growth of bacteria, keeping your utensils clean and hygienic at all times.

✔️ CONVENIENT AND FLEXIBLE DESIGN : The mat's durable and foldable design not only offers a long-lasting solution, but also the ability to easily store it when not in use, making it a practical addition to any kitchen.

✔️ FIRMLY IN PLACE THANKS TO NON-SLIP FEATURE : The non-slip texture on the bottom ensures that the mat remains stable in place, which not only prevents sliding but also provides extra stability during your daily kitchen tasks.

✔️ VERSATILE IN VARIOUS ROOMS : In addition to its use as a coffee coaster, this mat comes in handy for drying utensils and cups in various spaces, including kitchens, bars and even bathrooms. this makes it a handy companion for various situations in everyday life.


Colors: Dark gray | Dark blue
Material: Cotton fleece + Rubber
Dimensions: 30x40cm | 40x50cm
Weight: 195gr | 240gr

Inhoud Verpakking:

1x UltraDry | Absorbent Drip Mat

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