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POWER BANDS™ | Bring The Studio To You

POWER BANDS™ | Bring The Studio To You

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Why use our POWER BANDS™?

Power Bands are Pilates equipment used for resistance exercises.

attach them to your feet or hands instead of a Reformer machine.

Strengthen and tone muscles, improve flexibility and balance, and enhance body awareness with our bands.

Ideal for pilates workouts from home/office.

Don't Spend Thousands on A Reformer Machine OR Expensive Pilates Classes 🤸

Say No to Expensive fabric loop bands that can't perform the same workouts as our bands!

Long gone are the days of spending money on bulky machines...

SAVE time from commuting to a studio, gas from driving, and thousands of dollars on a Reformer machine and pilates membership classes.

Bring the studio to you



✔️ Improve Your Posture & Flexibility
✔️ Improve Your Balance
✔️ Save Money From Studio Fees
✔️ Won't Snap like the Other Bands


Stronger Than Standard Resistance Bands

Our Reformer Core Bands are made of High-quality, tested, strong bands that won't snap within the first month.

If they do, we will replace them at no cost to you within 30-days.

they're als easy to use, lightweight, will save you money and make them a convenient option for home workouts.

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30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

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