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EasyWipe™ | Cloth For Drying - 1+2 FREE

EasyWipe™ | Cloth For Drying - 1+2 FREE

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EasyWipe Size

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Fast dry and streak-free results, discover our bestseller: the EasyWipe cloths!

Say goodbye to streaks and chalk!

No more of that annoying scale and streaks after your shower? With our EasyWipe™ drying cloths, the laborious drying of your shower is a thing of the past. In the blink of an eye you have a completely dry and shiny surface. No more fussing with pulls and towels!

Unmatched absorbency

Why settle for ordinary when it can be extraordinary? The EasyWipe™ stands out for its exceptional absorbency. The twisted microfiber technology acts like a magnet for liquids and immediately traps them.

Multifunctional use

Our EasyWipe™ drying cloths are not only ideal for the shower, but also prove their worth in numerous other applications. Windows, sinks, faucets, mirrors, kitchen countertops and even cars: they all become effortlessly dry with our versatile cloths. Discover the many possibilities and enjoy spotless results every time.

This is why you shouldn't wait any longer to purchase this drying cloth!

Unmatched absorbency: The EasyWipe™ has a unique microfiber technology that absorbs liquid like a sponge, making it perfect for quickly wiping up spills. This cloth can absorb up to 700 ml of moisture.

 ✅ Streak-free shine: Tired of fighting streaks and smudges on glass and mirrors? Look no further. The EasyWipe™ makes surfaces sparkling clean and streak-free, effortlessly restoring shine to your home.

Gentle on surfaces: Worried about scratches and damage? Our microfiber cloth is designed with your delicate surfaces in mind. Its ultra-soft texture provides a gentle touch while effectively removing dirt and deposits.


  • Bathroom streak-free cleaning of walls, mirrors and faucetsn.
  • Drying your car or motorcycle so it will shine and leave no streaks.
  • Dry after window cleaning and/or mopping.
  • Removing condensation on the inside of the car window is very easy
  • Did you spill something? Wipe it up quickly with the EasyWipe. This cloth can absorb up to 700 ml of moisture.


  • 40 x 40 cm
  • 40 x 60 cm
  • (For drying larger areas, such as shower walls, it is best to take the 40x60 size. This is because it absorbs the most moisture).

Washing instructions

  • Max. 60 °C (washing machine), do not use fabric softener
  • Do not tumble dry and do not iron
  • Wash with similar colors.
  • Advice: Before putting these drying cloths into use, it is recommended to wash them first to remove any production residue from the material.


  • DO NOT dry these cloths on a (designer) radiator/heater, this is to avoid staining the drying cloths or radiator.
  • Dry outdoors or indoors on a drying rack.

In short, a cloth that is indispensable in every household!

With the EasyWipe™ drying cloths, drying becomes a breeze, and everything from your mirrors to your car will shine like never before! Now temporarily 1+2 free!


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